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50 reasons why it’s great to be a Phoenician (tongue in cheek)

50. Even New Yorkers say we have the best pizza in the country. (Pizzeria Bianco)
49. We were quick to the punch — the second state to name an official state gun. Ours? the Colt Single Action Army.
48. There’s inspiration in the desert (and we’re not just talking about peyote).
47. Our sunsets are spectacular.
43. Phoenix is home to the largest indoor laser tag arena in the world.
41. Our backyard scorpions could take on your rats any day of the week.
40. We make our own lakes.
39. Some of the best DJs in the world got their start here: Z-Trip, Markus Schulz, Eddie Amador, and Fashen.
38. Our Freeport McMoRan leads the nation in copper production.
36. Keith Haring painted a mural here. (A bunch of local artists have, too.)
35. medical marijuana.
34. We have the best Sonoran hot dogs outside of Sonora, Mexico.
32. Ever flip through the shopping catalog instead of listen to the safety instructions on a plane? You can thank the braintrust at Sky Mall, located in Phoenix.
31. It’s a great place to be a naked meth addict.
30. South Mountain Park is the 4th largest urban park in America. At 16,283 acres, it beats Central Park by 15,440.
29. It’s the birthplace of rocking lady Stevie Nicks
27. Winter temperatures in Phoenix are like summer temperatures in Florida, minus the humidity.
26. Frank Lloyd Wright wintered here.
25. Psycho was filmed here.
24. Irving Berlin wrote White Christmas at the Biltmore, where the Reagans honeymooned.
23. We know and recognize the art of dashboard cookies.
22. Arizona’s Palo Verde is the largest nuclear generating station in the U.S.
21. Muhammad Ali lives here.
20. So do (and did) Alice Cooper and Sandra Day O’Connor. So did Barry Goldwater.
19. We have one of the lowest average rainfalls in the country — and the most boats per capita.
18. The Diamondbacks beat the Yankees at the World Series in 2001.
17. We’ve got the Wild West — and Wyatt Earp.
16. Larry McMurtry, Charles Bowden, Barbara Park (of Junie B. Jones fame) are all from Arizona.
15. We live in one of the hottest states in the country — and we have more cryogenics labs (that freeze dead people) than anyone can count.
13. Arizonans swim in backyard pools, not dumpsters filled with water.
11. You can bump into Japanese Idol Kylee in Chandler.
10. Arizona State University is a high-ranking regular on Playboy’s Top Party School list.
9. Our official state neckwear is the bola tie (also spelled bolo), regularly worn by Steve Segall and Chuck Norris.
8. More people who really love California, New York or their Midwest home state actually live here than in those states.
7. Astronomers discovered (former planet) Pluto through Flagstaff’s Lowell Observatory telescopes in 1930.
6. We’re home to John, Cindy, and Meghan McCain.
5. We’re also home to Taser.
3. Spring Training.
2. Twilight fans can thank us for author Stephenie Meyer.
1. We have haboobs. And we don’t have to worry about earthquakes, tornadoes, or hurricanes. Take that, Irene.

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